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        Safe Ups and Downs for Process Units-化工裝置的安全開停車


        Tests should be made in accordance with a procedure prepared prior to the startup. It must be determined that all testing has been satisfactorily completed. Pumps and piping should be inspected during and following these tests. 


        Scaffolding materials, tools and surplus materials should be removed from the operating area. 


        Furnace fireboxes should be inspected and all debris removed from them.

        Failure to remove shutdown blinds and failure to install running blinds can cause serious upsets and damage. The startup procedure, giving the prescribed time for removal of shutdown blinds and the installation of running blinds, must be followed. A blind list should be included as a part of the startup procedure, and each removal or insertion of a blind should be noted and initialed by the operator in charge (Figure 17). If a blind is overlooked, much time and work may be wasted and hazardous conditions may be created, especially if the correction has to be made at a critical time in the startup. If blinds are reinstalled after having been removed and signed out, this must be noted on the blind list. No blind may be installed or removed without permission from the operators. 



        Figure 17: Records are important to make sure blinds are installed and removed. 


        The safety practices specified for removing and installing blinds in Section F of "Shutdown Procedures" should also be followed during startup. 
        Operators frequently assume a valve is closed or open because of its appearance or "feel." Critical valves should be broken loose to verify the valve position and operability. It is extremely important that critical instruments and alarms and automatic shutdown devices be checked out prior to startup to be certain that they are reliable.